The Copiague Christian Church was “planted” by members from the Farmingdale Christian Church (see FarmingdaleChristianChurch.com) back in 1998. The miraculous story is as follows.

The Farmingdale Christian Church (FCC) that resides at 125 Main Street, Farmingdale, N.Y. has had, since its inception in 1971, the vision to multiply by dividing and starting other churches. At the beginning of 1997, we believed that God had showed us that the time to plant a new church would be soon. We spent the year praying, fasting and asking God where, when, and how we should plant the new church. We even spent a 40-day period when at least one person from the church was fasting and praying 24 hours a day! In early November of 1997, one of the members of the FCC was talking to a member of the United Christian Church of Copiague at their mutual place of employment. It was during this conversation that it was learned that the United Christian Church of Copiague had been praying about donating their facility to another church and was asking the Lord who, when, and how they should do this! To shorten a long, amazing story, the members of the United Christian Church of Copiague graciously decided to donate their building and facilities to the FCC in February of 1998. A number of the members of the FCC that lived in the Copiague area including three Pastors were led of the Lord to pioneer this new church, the "Copiague Christian Church," at this facility.

From 1998 to the present we have sought to pattern ourselves after the churches that existed in the book of Acts. It is our goal to be guided by the principles in the Bible in every aspect of our life together.

We desire that each member of the church continue to grow and mature as a Christian and become more like Jesus in every area of their life [Col. 1:28]. We want to see each member take his or her place in the areas of service that God has ordained for them [Rom 12:4-9]. We also emphasize the importance of families. We believe that if the families are strong that the church will be strong. Although we provide a comprehensive Sunday school program for the children, we believe that the God ordained path of religious instruction for our children is through their parents.

We believe that the church should be governed by a plurality of elders who are called to "shepherd the flock" and to function pastorally according to their individual callings and giftings [Acts 20:17,28].

Our mandate from Jesus is to reach the lost and afflicted of the world, wherever the Hand of God can be extended through us; whether through evangelistic and missionary outreach, or the planting of local churches [Matt. 28:19-20].

We believe we are a part of God’s family of Churches on Long Island and we work together with many other Churches for different causes that are in the purpose of God. Only the Lord Himself knows our future. For More information please call the Church office.